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About Us

Greetings! We are  the IRIE ROCKERZ, hailing from the coastal ridges of Northern Cali. 


Assembled in 2015, Stevie Culture, Brian Sykes, 

Cyrus Wong-Weissman and April Mae, along with 

Brody Forester shared a vision to create music that represents the ideals of the communities in their area, Humboldt County.  Ideals to spread Divine Love, Peace, Unity and Joy through music.  Irie Rockerz aims to get you and your friends dancing, smiling and having an 

Irie time.   

Irie: (Adj.) Jamaican Patois word meaning 

"Feeling Alright"


Person 1:  "How you doin Mon"

Person 2: "Mi feel Irie"

In both Humboldt County, California and Negril, Jamaica the core values to share culture and understanding through music is similar.  Through Irie Rockerz we blend the two regions with a sound and style that not only entertains, but teaches each audience about living life in unity and love, while having fun!

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Irie Rockerz Band

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