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Greetings! We are the Irie Rockerz, hailing from the coastal ridges of Northern Cali.

As a band of experienced musicians rooted in Reggae, together we aim to reflect our similar, yet unique, upbringings through music. We love our rich musical diversity, so listeners can expect to hear stylistic influences from Rock, R & B and sometimes a little Hip Hop or Funk, throughout each song.  


Stevie Culture: Producer/Songwriter/Lead Vocals


With his strong musical roots and years of experience as a live performer, Stevie Culture brings unmatched energy and joy-filled vibes to the scene.  

Sane Band - Jamaica, Soundbird Productions, Prophecy Band - World Tour 2001-2004 


April Mae: Vocals

Adding sweetness to the group with harmony and soulful sounds, April Mae solidifies the Irie Rockers' unique sound. As the songs float and switch through "riddims" and genres, her sweet tones become common ground to listen to.

Shara Culture:  Vocals

A force to be reckoned with, Shara Culture is sure to get you rockin'

on the dance floor.  Her electric vibes and Irie style 


Irie Rockerz ft Stevie Culture

If the World's giving you problems, forget about it tonight - and Just Party!


Northern California Reggae

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Real Musicians


Each member of the band comes from unique backgrounds, but all with the heart of serving Music.  Surrounding the core of Reggae, Irie Rockerz brings Rock, Hip-Hop and other musical elements to their audience. 

Original Music


Writing Music one of life's ways of communicating and healing.  It also is our weapon.  We take pride it creating original music sharing the ideals of our community.  Love, Joy, Peace and Unity.

True to the Roots


It's been an honor to grow up around legends in music.  We often showcase tunes in our sets highlighting the elders who paved a way and opened the door for us to walk thru.

New Gear!


Beenies and Camo Hoodies are new this Spring.  You can order them online, or get them in person at one of our shows

Keep Music Alive


We're blessed to be playing and sharing our music with people local and far.  Music is an adventure and we're happy to share it with You!   

Booking Irie Rockerz


If you have questions about bookings, radio interviews or use of music please contact Stevie Culture

Contact Us

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Irie Rockerz Band

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